Recruiting Index How to get a profile

There are two pathways, or portals, for players to have a profile published in the GymRat RECRUITING Index….the PUBLIC portal that is available to all players around the globe and the EVENT portal which is accessible only by players competing in a GymRat-branded event.


In its original form, the GymRat RECRUITING Index was available only as an exclusive benefit to players competing in the GymRat CHALLENGE or other GymRat-branded events. With the tremendous success of the GymRat RECRUITING Index in providing a realistic and credible path for high school players to find their way to the proper fit at the college level, the demand for access to the unique benefits provided by the GymRat RECRUITING Index has skyrocketed. As a result, the services of the GymRat RECRUITING Index have now been made publicly available to players across the globe. Follow the simple steps below to create your GymRat RECRUITING Index player profile through PUBLIC portal. You can also click here to view a video tutorial on how to create you GymRat RECRUITING Index player profile through the PUBLIC portal View

  1. Visit or and click on the RED tab in the upper right hand corner of the page labeled “LOG INTO MY GymRat ACCOUNT”
  2. Once you are logged into your GymRat account, click on the RECRUITING PROFILES button in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on the VIEW OPTIONS button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen to view videos & information and select your GymRat RECRUITING Index profile option


GymRat RECRUITING Index profiles are automatically created for ALL players competing in the GymRat CHALLENGE….one of the largest and most competitive grassroots basketball events in the nation….as well as other GymRat-branded events. The GymRat RECRUITING Index is one of the many reasons that more players are recruited out of the GymRat CHALLENGE than any other event in the nation. All teams registered to compete in the GymRat-branded events are required to submit their rosters electronically through our online ROSTER system. This allows all players competing in  GymRat-branded events to receive their GymRat RECRUITING Index EVENT PORTAL. Here’s how it works:

  • Once a coach adds a player to his/her roster, the system automatically generates e-mail and text message that are sent to the player and his/her parents alerting them that the player has been placed on a roster to compete in a GymRat-branded event.
  • The e-mail contains a secure PLAYER-SPECIFIC link as well as simple, step-by-step instructions explaining how the player and her/his parents can view and verify the player’s roster information.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Each secure link is player-specific. Because the link is specifically connected to each player (and each recipient), do NOT forward your link to other players on your team and do NOT accept a link from other players on your team. Using links NOT sent to you will only lead to failed attempts to verify information for players other than you or your son/daughter.
    • Also, the link is specific to each recipient, so the link sent to the PARENT’S email address is specific to that PARENT….just as the link sent to PLAYER’S email address is specific to PLAYER, so PLEASE ONLY USE THE LINK IN THE MESSAGE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO VERIFY ROSTER DATA.
      • CAUTION: A PARENT using the link sent to the PLAYER’s email address runs the risk of creating a profile NOT for their son/or daughter, but instead for themselves….AND although we are the most credible and effective online basketball recruiting service in the nation, not even the GymRat RECRUITING Index is capable of getting college coaches interested in recruiting middle-aged parents who are well past their athletic prime. 😉
    • Click here to view a video tutorial on the importance of the verification process View


  1. Click the secure, player-specific verification link in the e-mail.
  2. Log into your GymRat Account (CLICK HERE to see the important difference between a GymRat ACCOUNT and a GymRat RECRUITING Index Player Profile)
    • If you do NOT have a GymRat account
      • Click on GET AN ACCOUNT link on the sign-in screen
      • Complete the information on the CREATE ACCOUNT screen
      • You will be re-directed back to the ACCEPT YOUR ROSTER SPOT screen
  1. Once logged into your GymRat account, follow the prompts on the ACCEPT YOUR ROSTER SPOT SCREEN