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IT’S TIME TO APPLY! If you haven’t done so already, please act quickly to complete your Staff Application for the 2024 GymRat events by visiting https://gymratchallenge.com/gymrat/ and clicking on WORK FOR US in the main menu. In advance of each GymRat event, a staff of 130-150 people is compiled in order to make sure that the highest level of customer service is maintained for all competing teams and spectators, and that all aspects of the event run smoothly in accordance with GymRat standards.

NIKE staff sneakers are back….and the deal is better than ever before! In the past, staff members have received one pair of sneakers even if they worked multiple events. This year staff members receive a pair of sneakers at EACH event that they work….but in order to qualify, your application needs to be received no later than April 1st!

Please make sure that you are 100% committed to working the events and have ensured your availability on the event dates (listed below) before you apply:

Over 580 teams and over 6,500 athletes representing more than 20 U.S. states and Canadian provinces will compete in 2024 GymRat events.

As always, feel free to call with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you this Spring and summer,
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How to Apply

In order to apply to be a member of a GymRat CHALLENGE event staff, follow the simple steps below. Completing an application to work at the GymRat CHALLENGE takes less than 5 minutes:
  • Visit https://gymratchallenge.com/gymrat/ and log into your GymRat account
  • Do NOT create a new account. Creating a new account will prevent you from being able to access your existing information
  • If you cannot remember your username, simply click on the FORGOT USER NAME link
  • If you cannot remember your password, simply click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link
  • If you do not have a GymRat account, click on the GET AN ACCOUNT link in the menu in order to create an account in the GymRat system Click on the WORK FOR US link in the menu
  • Complete a STAFF APPLICATION for each GymRat event that you would like to work
  • After completing your STAFF APPLICATION, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of our receipt of your application for each event that you wish to work.
  • We will notify you via email on the status of your application
  • All staff members are considered independent contractors and are compensated for their work. For those traveling from outside the Capital Region, hotel accommodations will also be provided.
  • In order to receive the additional NIKE staff sneakers, your application must be received by April 1st.