The GymRat CHALLENGE creates RECRUITING PROFILES for ALL players competing in the GymRat CHALLENGE. Those profiles are contained in a system known as the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX where they can be searched by college coaches and evaluators across the country as well as the on-site GymRat CHALLENGE Evaluation Staff that is comprised of expert current and former professional, college, and high school coaches, professional players, and media members.

  • With two profile options, the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX provides the most targeted and effective basketball profile service available in the nation
      • The GymRat RECRUITING INDEX is the only basketball-specific profile service on the market
      • The combination of this service in conjunction with one of the biggest and most competitive events in the nation in the GymRat CHALLENGE ensures that every ENHANCED PROFILE will be viewed by college coaches and evaluators that are active in the recruiting process.
      • With over 180 college coaches, publications, and scouting services in attendance at the GymRat CHALLENGE, there is an instant ability to translate an ENHANCED PROFILE into direct on-site assessments by college coaches and highly credible evaluators.
      • Since its inception in 1998, the GymRat CHALLENGE has proven to be a springboard for thousands of high school players to prove themselves and realize their goals of playing at the college level. The GymRat CHALLENGE, along with its unique player evaluation services, is a highly credible national source of information for college coaches across the country who are seeking players that will make their programs successful.
      • The GymRat CHALLENGE is an established proving ground where players can demonstrate their skills and display their value to college coaches and evaluators.
      • The GymRat CHALLENGE takes great pride in its earned reputation as a breeding ground where talented players are recognized and launched. The GymRat CHALLENGE also takes very seriously the responsibility that comes along with that reputation and level of credibility.

    • The internal GymRat CHALLENGE Evaluation Staff is comprised of over 60 expert current and former professional, college, and high school coaches, professional players, and media members.
      • That staff evaluates players at all Age Divisions during GymRat CHALLENGE events
      • That staff is organized, coordinated, and assigned so that EVERY team in EVERY Age Division at a GymRat CHALLENGE event is viewed at least twice by at least two different evaluators.
      • This procedure and protocol is followed in order to ensure that the evaluation of any single player is based on the opinions of at least two evaluators who have each watched that player perform in at least two games during the event.
      • The GymRat CHALLENGE staff is charged with naming ALL-GymRat CHALLENGE performers in all Age Divisions.
      • Those ALL-GymRat CHALLENGE selections are published in a post-event press release that resides in the TOURNAMENT HISTORY section of
      • That press-release receives over 1.2 MILLION hits in the two weeks after the GymRat CHALLENGE as college coaches and basketball experts & fans across the country look to see what players have launched themselves onto regional and national recruiting scenes based on their GymRat CHALLENGE performances.
      • No event in the nation does more to publicize top-performers than the GymRat CHALLENGE.
    • The recruiting process continues to evolve and the GymRat CHALLENGE continues to evolve along with it. ENHANCED PROFILES within the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX are the latest tool within that evolution