As the single largest event of its kind in the eastern United States, and the third largest event of its kind on the entire North American continent, the GymRat CHALLENGE has become a rite of passage for today and tomorrow’s NCAA, NBA, and WNBA stars. Reputations are EARNED at the GymRat CHALLENGE. From Steph Curry and Epiphany Prince to Mo Bamba and Brenna Stewart, since 1998, the greatest players on the planet have come to the GymRat CHALLENGE to prove themselves against top competition. With unparalleled coverage from college coaches, scouting services, and basketball publications across the country, more players are recruited out of the GymRat CHALLENGE than any other event in the nation.

  1. THREE game guarantee with additional games for Championship Round qualifiers
  2. Potential for a maximum of six games during the event weekend for teams that advance to the respective Championship Games
  4. POOL PLAY concludes at approximately 11:15 AM on Sunday
  5. Pool Champions & potential Wildcard teams advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND beginning at 1:35 PM on Sunday
    1. CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND format includes bracket play based on CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND seed
      1. CLICK HERE to learn how teams advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
    2. CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND is single elimination with MAXIMUM of three games in CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND play
    3. Champions awarded in each CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND bracket
    4. This format allows all CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND qualifiers to play a minimum of one and a maximum of three games in this highly competitive round.
    5. This format reduces fatigue and results in higher quality performance in all brackets of the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND
    6. This format preserves the legendary trademark Championship-style of the GymRat CHALLENGE, allows for national recognition for winners in all brackets, and allows for earlier conclusion times for all teams.
  6. Certified referees and for all games
  7. Athletic Trainers on site


For the convenience of participating teams, the GymRat CHALLENGE offers free hotel reservation and lodging logistics for all event participants. This service will provide teams, media, scouting services, and fans with a single point of contact for all of their hotel reservation needs. This eliminates the need for coaches, team travel coordinators, or team parents to waste valuable time, energy, and resources negotiating rates with multiple hotels in order to find the best rate for their programs. Because of the size and scope of the GymRat CHALLENGE events, ALL OF THE RATES THAT HAVE BEEN NEGOTIATED AS A PART OF THIS SERVICE ARE GUARANTEED TO BE THE LOWEST RATES AVAILABLE TO ANY GUEST AT THAT HOTEL DURING THE EVENT WEEKEND.
  1. ALL teams needing hotel space are REQUIRED to book through the HALPERN TRAVEL BOOKING SYSTEM. This will ensure that GymRat CHALLENGE rates remain the lowest available in the area year over year. Teams booking hotel space outside of the Halpern Travel system will be REMOVED from the event schedule.
  2. For additional details on GymRat CHALLENGE hotel policies, please visit the PREFERRED HOTELS section of www.GymRatCHALLENGE.com


  1. All players competing in the GymRat CHALLENGE gain access to the renowned GymRat RECRUITING INDEX….the most targeted and effective basketball recruiting service in the nation.
  2. Through the GymRat CHALLENGE roster system, online recruiting profiles are created for all players in all Age Divisions of the GymRat CHALLENGE. Those profiles are housed in a player tracking and evaluation system known as the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX and are accessible by every college coach in the nation throughout the entire year.
  3. The celebrated GymRat CHALLENGE Evaluation Team is on hand throughout the event weekend for talent evaluation, selection of ALL-GymRat performers, and preparation of the 50+ page annual GymRat Report.
  4. The GymRat CHALLENGE Evaluation Team is comprised of over 60 expert current and former professional, college, and high school coaches, professional players, and media members.
  5. After each GymRat event, a comprehensive post-event report is prepared by the GymRat CHALLENGE Evaluation & Communication Staff. The extensive 50+ page report contains event highlights as well ALL-GymRat selections and player evaluations in all Age Divisions for one of the nation's biggest and most competitive basketball events. The GymRat Report is available to every college program in the United States. The report is also available to players and parents through each player's GymRat RECRUITING PROFILE
  6. No other event in the nation provides this type of comprehensive and highly credible reporting and access to highly credible recruiting tools throughout the entire year….7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  7. The powerful online recruiting tools built into the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX are yet another reason why more players are recruited out of the GymRat CHALLENGE than any other event in the nation.


  1. Team registration fee:
    • $495 for teams in the 11th Grade through 14U Age Divisions
    • $395 for teams in the 13U and 12U Age Divisions
  2. Any changes to pricing or event information will be posted to the WHO, WHAT, WHERE,… section of www.GymRatCHALLENGE.com

Effective as of September 26, 2018