Recruiting Profile Options

With three profile options….ADVISORY, ENHANCED, and BASIC., players and their parents have the ability to vastly increase visibility to college coaches and utilize the powerful tools that are built into the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX system.

ADVISORY Subscription: Like nothing else on the market today, this best-in-class interactive recruiting service provides all of the elements of the ENHANCED service (below) PLUS direct consultation for players and parents with the GymRat Advisory Board comprised of respected former college coaches that have spent their careers evaluating players in order to offer scholarships and/or roster spots at all levels. Among the components of your consultation is game film review and a written evaluation from a GymRat Advisory Board member. Unlike other services they may provide unqualified feedback or simple social media posts that chart a path to nowhere, the GymRat RECRUITING Index Advisory service is designed by basketball “lifers” to honestly and accurately identify each player’s potential recruitment level by providing REAL feedback from REAL college coaches in REAL time. VIEW The GymRat ADVISORY Subscription Advantage View

Recruiting Index Advisory Level

ENHANCED Subscription: Designed to provide a single portal where all of your critical recruiting data is organized and available for college coaches to view and access. With the powerful internal communication tools built into the GymRat RECRUITING Index, you can see exactly what college coaches are viewing your profile in real time. In order to provide a more defined target in the recruiting process, when a college coach accesses an ENHANCED profile in the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX, the system automatically sends an ALERT to that player and the player’s parents. UNLIKE the random messages that you might receive from other generic online recruiting services, the alerts that you receive from the basketball-specific GymRat RECRUITING Index are NOT “sales” type messages. GymRat RECRUITING INDEX alerts are ONLY generated when a college coach or evaluator (publication, scouting service, media member, etc) actually accesses your profile. VIEW Details of the GymRat ENHANCED Subscription View

Recruiting Index Enhanced Level

BASIC Subscription: Just as the name would suggest, this service level provides only the most basic elements of the GymRat RECRUITING Index. At this level, a player’s basic and verified roster data resides in the GymRat RECRUITING Index system. That data is viewable by college coaches, but players and parents do not have access to any of the interactive tools to see what college coaches are viewing the profile or to communicate directly with them through the system. This level is only available through the Event Portal for players competing in GymRat branded events. VIEW Overview of the GymRat BASIC Profile View

Recruiting Index Basic