GymRat LIVE is the GREATEST SHOW IN GRASSROOTS BASKETBALL! The GymRat LIVE field includes representatives of NIKE, Under Armour Association and Adidas’ circuits, as well as the highest level independent programs in the nation going head to head under one of the brightest spotlight’s ever to shine on the grassroots basketball landscape. Based on advance video package purchase and pre-registration from college coaches, we are anticipating a very large gathering of college coaches for this event, so we are strongly recommending that all coaches complete their GymRat RECRUITING Index subscription ahead of arrival.


Complete Game Schedules can be found at

FOR COLLEGE COACHES attending GymRat LIVE in person, entry to the event and access to all rosters and player information is controlled through your GymRat RECRUITING INDEX $99 annual subscription. That $99 annual subscription gets you access to the event and all roster and team contact information.

Upon arrival at the event, our staff will check to see if your program has an active subscription to the GymRat RECRUITING Index. If your subscription for the current calendar year is active, our staff will hand you the hard-copy roster list, ticket, and send you on your way. If the subscription is not active when you arrive, you will have to complete that transaction before entering the arena. Obviously, it’s much more efficient and expeditious to complete that task before your arrival.


To purchase the GymRat LIVE Digital Recruiting Package ($325):

  1. CLICK HERE to visit the COLLEGE COACHES tab of the GymRat Application Site
  2. Once on the site, GET ACCESS LINK for the event that you would like to view and follow the prompts on the screen.
  4. A receipt will be automatically generated by our system and emailed to you once you complete the purchase
  5. You MUST use your university-issued email address when purchasing the digital coaches packet. Those WITHOUT an email address associated with an NCAA program will be prohibited from purchasing the package.
  6. If you have any issues or require any assistance, please contact our event office at 1-888-7-GYMRAT (1-888-749-6728)
The Digital College Coaches Packet includes:
  1. The ability to watch the professionally broadcast GymRat LIVE event in real time….without the expense of travel, rental cars, and hotels.
  2. Ability to watch playback of all GymRat LIVE games ON DEMAND
  3. All GymRat LIVE games will be archived and available to replay on demand at any time
  4. Digital roster packet

CLICK HERE or on the image below to see the quality of the GymRat LIVE broadcast.

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